Lesley Barnard (I.P.S.C)
Founder & Owner
“The distance between humanity and genius
is measured only by success  
~Bruce Feinstein

Lesley and her all female staff started the company in 1995.  Lesley had worked for a National Group in Pretoria for 2 years and a PE based recruitment agency for 6 years. She also completed her IPSC accreditation through APSO. After getting married she felt it was time to go it alone, giving her more flexibility to attend to family life.  Lesley is the Owner/Director of the company.  Lesley studied Drama through Trinity College of London but one in recruitment at Quest is Pretoria did their internal courses. 


I have always considered myself a people person and I believe this is the reason I am well suited for this industry.  My field of expertise is General recruitment (from shop floor to MD) and in all types of industry.  Although passionate about work, it no longer consumes my life and I feel I have a better work to home life ratio today.  Having my daughter who is now in Grade 12, has forced me to change my perspective.  I also encourage staff to meet important family commitments as you cannot get those precious times back again.


My vision for Premier, is to develop an even bigger client base.  When recessions hit or retrenchments come in certain industries, as they often do, you need to know you can source business from other industry sectors.  Current challenges in the industry today stem from a variety of factors including skills shortage, lack of experience, unrealistic expectations often from either a client or a candidate to sadly still in some cases sexism, ageism and equal opportunity.  It is improving and one has to adjust accordingly.  It is not just a case of opening a file and finding Mr or Mrs Right just like that.





It is extremely rewarding to place a candidate in a position and see them grow, get promoted etc.  Sadly the market is so tight that 2-3 years and people are often ready to move on.  If they are good candidates they are often poached or head-hunted.  I do see a shift in peoples reasons for changes positions today.  I think they give a lot more thought to how the move will affect home life, what the company culture is like and if they will be happy there, will they be able to balance home and work in a manageable way, is this right for my career, distance to travel etc. rather than “is it more money”    


I believe we have an important role to play in partnering with Human Resource departments within companies or whoever is responsible for recruiting within a company.  What busy HR Manager has time to receive 300 emails in response to an advert?  Sift through all that correspondence and try and decide who he/she should bring in for an interview.  Using an agency, protects the client from all that administrative work.  We interview, short-list, reference check, credit and criminal check a candidate, yes there is a cost but the client does not have the headache.


I think we have a very important role in the lives of the man in the street looking.  They need to know that, we are there to help them but it is not a one-sided relationship.  They need to apply correctly to an advert for which they are reasonably well suited, with all their paperwork at the ready (ID, qualifications) and with a CV that is completely up to date, true and factual.


I have many favorite quotes and sayings as we hear many a thing you would not believe – people do tell the strangest tales!!!!  So I will leave you with this quote from Bruce Feinstein “The distance between humanity and genius is measured only by success”     



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